Allotments in Maidstone

Allotments in Maidstone

Sand Rd


Welcome to Maidstone Allotments' website.  If you are a current plot holder or are new to allotmenteering, I hope this site provides the information you need.

We cover most of the urban area of Maidstone (see the map on the 'Our Sites' page.

We have 10 sites across our area, and each has its own representative(s) and shared manager.  On these sites there are over 700 individual plots.  Plot sizes vary; the average being 10 rods [250 sq mtrs] although we are currently renting out smaller 5 rod plots [125 sq mtrs]. This helps cope with our waiting list, and is proving the right size for newcomers.  To see more details about all the sites, with some photographs, see the 'Our Sites' page.

Time, hard work as well as enthusiasm is needed.  Further information about renting a plot can be found on ‘Frequent Questions’ page.

Although the land is owned by Maidstone Borough Council it is managed on a voluntary basis by Maidstone Allotments Management Committee (MAMC) with the splendid help of reps on sites.  This keeps the rental cost low and ensures the continuance of these precious sites.  More help is always needed and appreciated. See ‘Contact Us’ page.

Our AGM was held on 21 June 2018 - with full reports.  Our Awards evening is usually later in the year, recognising those who have entered our competitions.  Winners and runners up are presented with certificates and there is a visual presentation of all plots nominated. Afterwards an opportunity to discuss allotment issues in a great social environment.  

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We have Ben Kirby, from the Sandling Lane site, managing and updating the website for us.

If you notice any issues, with the website, or would like to contact Ben with ideas and suggestions please email:

Please do not use this email address to ask about a plot or to contact the main office.  Please use the Contact Us page.  Thank you.

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